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General Natural Dye Services 

Need something naturally dyed? I'm here to bring plant colors to your paper and fabrics! These can be stained or pre-loved garments that need a new life, special dye projects for an event or your home, ecoprinting paper for business cards or whatever else you can think of!

Natural Dye Consulation

Are you starting to experiment with natural dyes for your project or small business, but are getting confused and overwhelmed? I can help you figure things out through a natural dye consultation. In these consultations you can tell me a little bit about your practice so I can identify if you're doing anything wrong, provide suggestions, clear up misunderstandings, and explain why certain things are happening.

Color Sampling & Recipes

Natural dyes are notoriously inconsistent and small, seemingly irrelevant differences will influence the color. Different percentages of dye material, mordant concentrations, mordant applications, pH changes, and dyeing techniques will all impact the final results. If you know the basics of natural dyeing, but don't have the time to painstakingly test different color variations, I can help you do that. In the end, you will receive a sample sheet with different color options and the exact recipe which achieves the color, so you can replicate it on your own. 


We can't be good at everything and natural dyeing can take years to get a good grasp on. Endless color sources, variations, and techniques make it a complex craft. Those wanting to work together to bring natural color to their brand, store, or business might want to consider collaborating. Check out some ways we can collaborate.

Dye Garden (Only in the Lisbon area)

There's no better way to step up your at-home natural dyeing than starting our own dye garden.  Whether it's a tiny balcony or a large backyard, plants with dye potential can be easily integrated to the available space. Bonus, they are a treat for pollinators and have beautiful flowers.  

Coreopsis Flowers
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