Upcycle Your Clothing


Do you have a favorite white t-shirt that's looking a little yellow these days?

Naturally dyeing the garment is a perfect way to give it a new life, making it even more special than it was before. 

We can either do a Skype session where I share with you how to dye it yourself or you can send me the item and I'll dye it for you.


Custom Made Garments

Do you have something specific in mind? Or want a naturally dyed duplicate of your favourite garment?

We can discuss how to make you vision become a naturally dyed reality!

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Custom Made Soap

Soap making is one of the most complicated personal hygiene products to make yourself. Finding the right recipe and learning to adjust the ingredients can be a long process. For this reason, I'd like to offer my services to make customized soaps based on your needs - whether you want them for yourself or for gifts and party favours, these small batches (10 soaps) are made with lots of love and care.

In a quick call, we can discuss your options in terms of moulds, colors, fragrances, and properties.

Please keep in mind, it takes about a month for the soap to cure and be ready for use.


Dye Garden (Only in the Lisbon area)

There's no better way to step up your at-home natural dyeing than starting our own dye garden.  Whether it's a tiny balcony or a large backyard, plants with dye potential can be easily integrated to the available space. Bonus, they are a treat for pollinators and have beautiful flowers.  Dyeing naturally for personal use can be as easy as sprinkling food waste and plant material on an old t-shirt and 'cooking it' in hot water. Without proper pre-treatment, the colors don't last so long, which means you get to keep re-dying the garment and giving it new life!

Coreopsis Flowers

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