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About Tinctorium Studios

Tinctoria (noun) - The Latin word given to the scientific name for plants with dye potential.


Isatis tinctoria, Indigofera tinctoria, Rubia tinctoria, coreopsis tinctoria, etc. All essential dye plants that embody a rich history of experimentation, cultivation, and ... By wearing botanical colors foraged from the abundantly available surrounding environment, we are connected to place and the natural environment we are a part of. My natural dye practice embodies a fascination with the magic of plants, ......and the pursuit of a sustainable lifestyle. 


Wear Tinctoria was born out of the Covid quarantine with an idea to create naturally dyed garments that allow us to keep nature close, even when we're confined to our homes. Genderless garments are designed for effortless, timeless style that break the cycle of fast fashion and will be treasured for a lifetime. 

My goal for the brand is to enable sustainable living that regenerates our daily relationship with nature. 

To this end, I believe natural dyeing can be used as a platform from which to:



Stimulate environmental protection and regenerative agriculture by demonstrating the value of natural biodiversity and sourcing materials from responsible producers. 


Promote fair labor practices by sourcing fabrics and dye stuff from certified suppliers, working with local Portuguese 

seamstresses and valuing my own time.


Engage in sustainable supply chains by sourcing sustainable fabrics who's inputs are grown on organic farms, increasingly using local dye materials and valuing local labor.


Reduce consumption by using high quality fabrics to make unique pieces made to be treasured for a lifetime. At the end of it's life cycle, natural garments can be  upcycled as scrap fabrics or composted.


Practice Zero Waste strategies by strategically using fabrics, repurposing scrap paper, dyeing with kitchen waste (when available), and exclusively using biodegradable, plastic-free packaging.


Stimulate women-friendly economic activities in marginalized communities that leverages local resources and promotes environmental conservation.




Wear Tinctoria is a new company and I'm learning as I grow. I'm certainly not perfect and there are lots of areas I need your help to improve on.


Human diversity and nature's biodiversity are essential for a resilient, thriving world. Learn more about how I value and promote diversity.


From environmental sustainability to business viability, I am on a mission to make Wear Tinctoria a model for sustainable business.


Ethical fashion shouldn't be for just a privileged few. Democratizing access to high quality products is necessary for diversity and sustainability. 

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