Inspired by the planet.

About Tinctorium Studios

Tinctoria (noun) - The Latin word given to the scientific name for traditional dye plants.


Tinctorium Studio is a Lisbon-based natural dye ateliê reviving the craft of natural dyeing. I see my studio as a crazy scientist’s lab, exploring the hidden alchemy of plant dyes.

Natural dyes not only offer a small-scale alternative to synthetic dyes, but they are also healing and living colors that regenerate the connection between people and the planet. 

By offering workshops, natural dye services, and naturally dyed goods I hope to elevate collective consciousness about this lost art, our magical planet, and the incredible plants we have around us.

#Wear Tinctoria

#WearTinctoria is Tinctorium Studio’s in-house brand offering naturally dyed garments, accessories, and art - everything you need to bring living color to your everyday life. 

Product offerings focus on using natural dyes to give a new life to second-hand garments and scrap fabrics. Working with repurposed materials allows me to continually offer work with different dye plants, techniques, and mediums at an accessible price point. You'll also find some new naturally dyed items and paper posters because, well, sometimes I just feel like making something specific and I haven't figured out how to make homemade paper work for ecoprints.

Learn more about the natural dye process here!

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About Annette

Born and raised between Costa Rica, Portugal, and New England, Annette grew up surrounded by plants. This lifelong obsession with plants and an unexpected introduction to natural dyeing in Thailand in 2018, led Annette down an Alice in Wonderland-style rabbit hole into the world of natural dyes. 

When she moved back to Portugal in 2019 foraging natural dye material connected her to the surroundings. Then in 2020 she founded Tinctorium Studio, through which she offers natural dye services, sells naturally dyed goods, and teaches natural dye workshops. 

Now, she is excited to share her knowledge, enthusiasm, and craft with you!

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