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Care Instructions

Natural dyes are sometimes called living color because of how the colors dance in different lights and how they evolve over time.

All Wear Tinctoria fabrics are pre-treated through a mordanting process using mineral salts, which creates an insoluble bond between natural dye and fabric, brightening colors and making them resistant to wash and wear. Depending on the dye plant used, the color will age differently - some darken, some fade, and some evolve (showing off subtle undertones). 

This aging is a poetic process of a naturally dyed garment and can lead to surface designs that are even more beautiful and delicate than the day the garment was dyed. However, special care should be taken to ensure the longevity of the natural dyes. 

Care for your naturally dyed clothing by:

  1. Washing with pH-neutral natural soap in cold water (up to 30 C).  

  2. Drying out of the sun.

Of course, if you don't have neutral detergent on hand or need to dry in the sun in a pinch, it's not the end of the world! But over the life of the garment, it will appreciate less abrasive detergents and to be away from strong sunlight.

If your garment should outlive the life of the natural dyes, don't forget you can always send it back to me to be re-dyed, or I encourage you to take a natural dye workshop to learn how to revive your own clothes with the plants in your life!


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