Silk Button Down

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Silky soft, pre-loved button down shirt ecoprinted with oak leaves and eucalyptus leaves. 


Oak trees are native to Europe and are one of the most well-established varieties of trees in Portugal. The large trees play an important role in natural forestation since they thrive in temperate climates. The whole tree is high in tannins, making it a wonderful source of dye stuff.  Acorns produce a beautiful brown dye and the leaves create reliable prints. 


Eucalyptus trees are native to Australia but can be found everywhere in Portugal and were recently classified as an invasive species here. They grow incredibly quickly, outcompete other plants for water, and burn easily causing many wildfires. Eucalyptus is a very accessible dye plant since the bark (which peels off naturally) can be used for browns and the leaves provide a range of yellow, coral, orange, and blue colors. 


Any inconsistencies or variations in color are part of the natural, hand-dyed process. 


Material: 100% Silk