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Custom Ecoprinted Pants

Custom Ecoprinted Pants

Most of us have white linen of jean pants in our closet that need a little breath of fresh life. Maybe they've gotten a little bit yellow with time, gained a stain, or maybe they're just too white and need something special. 


This is your opportunity to send me your pants for me to print in the same style as the reference images. Your pants will gain a border of beautiful leaf prints so you can literally wear a garden on your legs. 


How it works: 

  • Purchase the Custom Ecoprinted Pants and choose if you want me to include flowers in the composition or not.

  • Send me your pants in the mail (all sending details upon purchase) OR do it in person at a market or at the studio. Choose in-store pickup option for shipping to meet at a market. Please include a printout of the order purchase confirmation.

  • Wait for me to print them. Please allow 2-4 weeks to turn around. 

    The only thing you choose is if you want me to include flowers or not. 

  • I send you back your pants (or we meet at a market/open studio), only now they are printed with real, local plants!


Pants specifications:

  • Pants MUST be made from natural fabric - linen, cotton (jeans), hemp, silk, bamboo, lyocell, tencel, viscose. 

  • I highly recommend the pants be in white or off-white color. I'll print on other colors but it will not be so contrasted, so you take on a risk. 

  • I will only accept clean garments. 


If you have any questions, please reach out and I'll start an FAQ section.

    35,00 €Price
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