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Cochineal & Grevillea Sweatshirt

Cochineal & Grevillea Sweatshirt

Classic crewneck sweatshirt dyed with cochineal and printed with grevillea leaves. Cochineal dye comes from an insect that is a parasite of the nopal cactus. As I'm not able to easily forage (or cultivate) cochineal, it's not a common source of color in my work. This cochineal comes from a bit of leftover dye bath I accidentally brought home after a project with school kids learning about the seven wonders of the world. In this case we used cochineal to teach about Machu Pichu, Peru, and the textile traditions of the area. 


Size M


80% Organic cotton & 20% recycled polyester 


To care for your naturally dyed garment please wash in cold water up to 30 degrees C with neutral detergent and dry out of the sun. See the Care Instructions page for more details. 

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