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80's Dress

80's Dress

  • About

    Flattering 80's style dress bundle dyed with onion skins and ferns. Wear it with sandles or sneakers in the summer for an effortless look and transition to winter by layering over tights and adding a sweater.


    Onion skins are often found in a dyer's toolkit because they are extremely accessible. They produce beautiful vibrant colors that are high in tannins. 

    Material: 100% organic cotton.

  • Fit

    Flattering, slimming cut with a bit of stretch. Five cm longer than the 80's mini dress for more coverage.


    Garments are considered to be a 'one size fits all'. 


    Katrina is 1.63m and normally wears an XS.

  • Care

    1. Wash with pH neutral natural soap in cold water. Please note, the first time you wash the garment some extra dye might come out.

    2. Dry out of the sun.

    Botanical dyes are often referred to as living colour because the shades mature with time.... Fabrics are treated with mineral salts before dyeing to ensure maximum permanence of the color, but following the tips above will extend their vibrancy for years to come.


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