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+351 x Tinctorium Studio x Patapaca

What happens when a natural dyer joins forces with two local brands? An unforgettable event that celebrates local businesses, traditional processes, and sustainable products.

All photos by João Hasselberg

During the in-store event, friends of +351 were invited to dye shirts from a past collection and Patapaca socks in a 1-2-3 banana indigo vat. They learned how to do some basic tie dye folds to create interesting patterns in their fabrics.

Collaborations like these are central to the work I do at Tinctorium Studio to make natural dyes more accessible to people.

Brands gain a unique product offering, can give new life to past collections, and show commitment to earth-friendly activities. On the other side, I bring specialised knowledge that would otherwise be unattainable for small operations.

One shirt from each influencer and a special selection of Patapaca socks are now available on the Plus 351 website - each piece is hand dyed and one of a kind! A truly unique, high quality garment to be treasured for a lifetime.

Thank you +351 for making this event a reality and helping me spread the word about natural dye techniques!

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