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A value-based company committed to protecting people and the planet.



Fabrics and Garment Production 

As a new, small company with limited resources I have diversified where I source my . The first few pieces were made by purchasing small quantities of ecological fabric and having Fatima, a seamstress in my neighbourhood, make simple garments. Unfortunately, the prices weren't realistic for sustaining a business model. With production costs at about 20 euros before even including my time and labor made the retail value far too high to be accessible. So, for now, I am turning to ethical wholesalers who use organic fabrics and produce in certified factories to source blanks that  You can also follow me on Instagram to see the action!

Dye Materials 


  • Fabric: I am always looking for suggestions of European textile companies that work with sustainable fabrics! 

    • I source most of my fabric from Organic Textile Company, a UK based company that works with…. 

    • The 95% Cotton %5 Elastane GOTS fabric used primarily in the tank tops is from a Portuguese company that has a small selection of organic cotton fabrics. Although they primarily carry synthetic materials, I hope that my purchase may show a demand for a larger selection of sustainable fabrics.

  • Dye materials

    • To my delight, oak, sycamore, eucalyptus, alder and plum trees seem to be all over the place in Portugal. I collect most of the leaves from Parque da Paz (Peace Park), but it’s rare to not have materials in my bag while running errands

    • I grow the coreopsis and marigold flowers on my balcony. 

    • I don’t have the space or capacity to make my own dye extracts, so I source them from They seem to be the main supplier of natural dyes in Portugal, but if you have a lead, please let me know! My biggest issue is that they use plastic bags instead of jars like Maywa in Canada 

  • Dye extracts 

  • I work with a local seamstress named Fatima to make the clothing. She lives in my neighbourhood and has a small ateliere. 

  • Pricing: For more information on pricing, please click here. 

    • Fabric costs run between (E)7-15 for bamboo and cotton. 

    • Fatima’s labour is worth E10-12 per piece 






I source my product by purchasing fabric and working with local seamstresses and I comb through second hand stores to find pre-loved finished pieces. By diversifying my supply chain in this way I can have different price points and can adapt to a variety of situations. 


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