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Upcycle Your Clothes

Upcycle Your Clothes

How it works

Bring me your stained, discolored, less than prime garments that you want to give a new life to. They must be a natural material such as cotton, linen, viscose, lyocell, silk, wool, etc. I'll ecoprint the garment with consideration to your preferences and return it two weeks later.

Please note, this pricing structure applies to one technique (ecoprinting) with an iron mordant (creating the darker colors as shown in the foto above).


If you live in Lisbon, I'll reach out and we'll arrange a drop-off point. For those living further away, you can send pieces in by mail and I will post them back.


Design Process

In the custom text field, feel free to insert any design preferences such as - 'few and simple prints' or 'lots of leaves everywhere'.


I will do my best to follow your preferences while hiding any imperfections and working with the cut of the garment. Please note, however, that natural dyes are full of surprises and aren't always exact. Depending on the time of year, for example, leaves from the same tree will give slightly different tones. It's all magical, but please be flexible.


How to Choose Size

The price of this service depends on the weight of the garment.

S : Up to 150g, comparable to a short sleeve t-shirt

M : 150g - 300g, long sleeve shirts and short dresses

L : 300 - 600g, sweatshirts, pullovers, and some dresses


Anything heavier than this, please reach out through the contact form and I can provide a quote.

    25,00 €Price
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