Thailand Tunic

65,00 €Price

Inspired by the genderless and versatile tunics sold at the markets in Thailand. Made from lightweight and airy bamboo silk for casual, effortless style.  Dyed in a Madder bath and ecoprinted with Eucalyptus leaves.


Madder is the traditional European plant for red. The dye comes from the plant’s roots and can only be harvested in its second year. I source my madder dye from themazi, a family-run natural dye company based in Turkey.


Eucalyptus trees are native to Australia but can be found everywhere in Portugal. They have even been classified as an invasive species here. They grow incredibly quickly, outcompete other plants for water, and burn easily causing many wildfires. Eucalyptus is a very accessible dye plant since the bark (which peels off naturally) can be used for browns and the leaves provide a range of yellow, coral, and orange colors.


Any inconsistencies in color are part of the natural, hand dyed process and add to the dynamic beauty of plant pigments. 


Luxuriously soft 100% Bamboo Silk.