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Portuguese Linen Scarf

Portuguese Linen Scarf

  • About

    Made from the highest quality Portuguese linen, these raw-edge naturally dyed scarves are elegant, versatile, and classic. 


    The linen scarves were made on request by the classy women who frequent the markets of Principe Real and Estrela garden. However, they can also double as a table runner or a light throw to place on the back of a chair or couch. You can even frame them or hang them for a statement wall hanging. 


    Choose from two color ways, marbled or falling leaves to complete an outfit or add some naturally dyed details to your room. 


    Dimmensions:  60 x 200 cm

  • Care

    1. Wash with natural soap in cold water up to 30 C. Due to the raw edges of the linen fabric, I recommend washing by hand. 


    2. Dry out of the sun and never in the drier. 


    3. Iron inside out. 

    Botanical dyes are often referred to as living colors because the shades can evolve with time. Fabrics are treated with mineral salts before dyeing to permanently fix the color to the fabric. Following the tips above will preserve the tones best.

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