Naturally Dyed Pullover

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Organic cotton pullover sweatshirt ecoprinted with coreopsis leaves, giant grevillea leaves, and tree of heaven leaves. 


Coreopsis plants are a beautiful wildflower I grow on my balcony. They provide bright orange colors or dark greens depending on how the fabric has been treated. 


Giant grevillea leaves come from the high school near my house. It is native to Australia but has been widely planted in streets and parks around Portugal. The leaves naturally shed and are easily found on the ground. 


Tree of heaven is native to China and was introduced to Europe in the 1700's as a prized ornamental plant, but is now classified as an invasive species in Portugal. The plant can be used as herbal medicine, natural dye, and for paper making. 



Material - 80% organic cotton and 20% recycled poliester.