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Long Sleeve T

Long Sleeve T

  • About

    Crazy soft long sleeve t shirt dyed with pomegranate skin and iron. 


    Pomegranates have been cultivated in Europe since ancient times by the Phonecians, Greeks, and Egyptians.  In Portugal, it has been naturalized in the south where it grows wild. The skin of the fruits is high in tannins and produce a lovely yellow color, which turns green when modified with iron. 


    Material: 100% Organic Cotton 

  • Fit

    Size L


    Long sleeve t shirts are an essential for every closet and every body. They can be worn fitted or oversized, let loose or tied up, perfect for him, her, or they. 


    Scott is 187 cm and normally wears an M.

    Marco normally wears an S.

    Laris (last photo) is 161 cm and normally wears an S.

  • Care

    Care for your naturally dyed clothing by:

    • Washing with pH neutral natural soap in cold water. Please note, the first time you wash the garment some extra dye might come out.  

    • Drying out of the sun.


    Botanical dyes are often referred to as living colour because of the way the shades mature with time.... depending on the dye used, the pigments will have varying sensitivity to sunlight and washing. Fabrics are treated before dyeing to ensure maximum fatness of the color, but years from now if you'd like to give new life to your garment, I encourage you to experiment with your own techniques.​

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