Long Sleeve T

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Crazy soft long sleeve t shirt ecoprinted with tree of heaven leaves, pepper tree leaves,  and coreopsis leaves. 


Tree of heaven is native to China and was introduced to Europe in the 1700's as a prized ornamental plant, but is now classified as an invasive species in Portugal. The plant can be used as herbal medicine, natural dye, and for paper making. 


Pepper tree is native to South America but it has been widely introduced around the world.  In many areas it is considered an invasive species due to its hardiness and the ease with which it spreads. In Portugal, it is commonly found but not yet classified as invasive.  Fun fact - although it is not in the Piper family, it does produce pink fruit that has a similar taste to pepper and is often sold as pink peppercorns.  


Coreopsis plants are a beautiful wildflower I grow on my balcony. They provide bright orange colors or dark greens depending on how the fabric has been treated. It is one of my favorite dye plants to work with and the flower is portrayed in the Wear Tinctoria logo. 


Material: 100% Organic Cotton