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Indigo, Marigold & Cosmos Jacket

Indigo, Marigold & Cosmos Jacket

  • About

    Sleek, lightweight buttoned jacket with wrap-around belt. Dyed with indigo, marigolds, and olive leaves, and featuring a cosmos leaf print on the front pocket.  An eye-catching statement piece that elevates even the most simple outfit. 


    Size M.


    100% cotton.


    Sourced from factory deadstock. 

  • Care

    1. Hand wash with a neutral soap in cold water up to 30 degrees Celcius.  

    2. Dry out of the sun. 

    3. Steam or if necessary, iron inside out on low heat. 

    Botanical dyes are often referred to as living colors because the shades can evolve with time. Fabrics are treated with mineral salts before dyeing to permanently fix the color to the fabric. Following the tips above will best preserve the color over the years.


    For more information visit the Care Instructions page under 'About'.

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