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Field to Fabric Bundle Dye Kit

Field to Fabric Bundle Dye Kit


  • About

    From my dye garden to your kitchen, these dye kits are a straightforward way to experience an intuitive natural dye method. 


    Use the materials provided to dye an organic cotton tote (included) and then move on to upcycle your clothes. 


    The kit includes mordants to fix the natural colors to your fabric. Plus flowers grown in my dye garden in Marvila, Lisbon, including - cosmos, coreopsis, roses, violas, marigolds, scabiosa, and woad seeds. Detailed instructions on hand-dyed recycled paper will guide you through the process step-by-step. 


    Please keep in mind that this activity will take an hour or two over two days. The first day you'll apply the mordant and the second day you can dye the fabric. 


    Please note, these will be the last Garden to Dye For kits until 2022!


    Profits from these kits will help me continue to evolve and expand the dye garden. To learn more about my experience starting a dye garden, make sure to check out the journal article on A Garden to Dye For

  • Materials Included

    - Aluminum Acetate (mordant) 

    - Chalk 

    - Garden flowers separated by color 

    - String to tie your bundle 

    - Scrap fabric to wrap around your tote or test an idea 

    - Organic cotton tote 

    -  Iron Sulfate (color modifier)

    - Dye flower seeds (IF you are part of the pre-order) 

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