2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

I love gifting fabulous, uncommon, and beautiful surprises to my friends and family. There is something about searching for that perfect present that they will treasure forever.

Wear Tinctoria offerings are the perfect gift for anyone who loves plants, appreciated artisanship, is committed to sustainability, and likes to stand out from the crowd. Each item is one of a kind, just like the people we love.

So without further ado, I would like to present the 2021 Naturally Dyed Holiday Gift Guide!

Presents under €20

Everything Bandana (€10) - The Everything Bandana is a versatile 60x60cm square fabric made from repurposed cotton linens.

It can be used on your hair, for your pet, as a bedside table, or even sustainable gift wrapping!

Each bandana is hand dyed with seasonal foliage, like tree seeds and fall leaves.

Zero-Waste Plant-Dyed Scrunchies (€12) - Are you creating a gift box and are looking for several small items to bring together? The zero-waste plant-dyed scrunchies are an amazing addition to any gift box, or even as a small gift on their own! Dyed with plants I've grown in the garden, these elastics instantly bring an effortless pop of color. Plus, who doesn't want to wear flowers in their hair?!

Scrunchies are available in solid colors or bundle dyed.

Dyed with Plants in Lisbon Totes (€15) - Heavy duty, organic cotton tote featuring Tinctorium Studio's logo and the phrase, “Dyed with plants in Lisbon”. Choose from flower bomb (very limited stock until next summer!), hidden color (blue ecoprints), tree canopy (green eco prints), or indigo! Featured leaves include oak, maple, sycamore, eucalyptus and tree of heaven - some of Lisbon's most abundant flora. A resistant, unique, and sustainable bag for those who are always on the move.

Botanical Prints on Paper (€10+) - We all have a friend who loves plants, but can't manage to keep them alive. The Trees of Lisbon eco prints on paper are the perfect way to gift them some houseplants that they won't need to water!

Due to administrative constraints, gifts under €20 are not available on the webshop. You can visit me at any of the upcoming Christmas markets or send me a message on Instagram to order directly.

Presents under €50

Organic Cotton Aprons (€27) - Botanical aprons for those creative people in your life who are always making a mess. Made from organic cotton and dyed with Lisbon’s most iconic tree leaves so you can be inspired by plants in the studio or in the kitchen.

100% Wool Socks (€30) - I never understood how amazing quality wool socks were until I started using the wool socks I source to dye. Super breathable, crazy warm, and no itchiness. Plus the antimicrobial properties of wool means they take forever to start smelling bad! No more feeling self conscious when pulling off your sweaty boots. This year I’m offering the socks in two color ways, ‘Rose Garden’ and ‘Flower Bomb’. I only have one size of each print in stock and won’t be able to restock until next year.

Pillow Cases (€27 - €40) - Inspired by a life long dream to sleep in the tree canopy, the botanical pillow cases are a perfect way to rest upon a bed of leaves. Mix and match between colorways or snag a whole pillow set!

Linen Scarf (€50) - Classy, versatile, and resilient. These are the words that come to mind when I think of the linen botanical scarf. Inspired by fabulous Portuguese ladies who I meet at the Principe Real and Estrela markets. They are women who love to garden, enjoy making things with their hands, and put quality above everything else. These linen and cotton blend scarves are normally only via pre-order, but I’ve dyed a very small selection to have on hand this holiday. P.s. they can also double as table runners or wall hangings.

Presents under €100

Naturally Dyed Jackets (€60+) - There is something about a head-turning jacket that I am obsessed with. Maybe it’s the way it makes a simple outfit epic or the fact that impressive details won't be hidden by extra layers of clothing.

It was this head-turning quality I had in mind when designing these jackets - versatile botanical details that make you look twice. Made from deadstock garments, my first batch of jackets are selling quite fast and only a few remain.

Gift Card - Not completely sure what to get? Gift cards are awesome because the recipient can choose exactly what they want. Tinctorium Studio gift cards are valid on the entire webshop, in person at markets, and for workshops where ticketing is done through me, including Wild Fabrics: A day in Monsanto. They are also valid for custom services like garment up-cycling and commissions.

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