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Hand-dyed with locally foraged and self-grown plants in Lisbon.

At Tinctorium Studio, my mission is to regenerate the connection between people and the planet through natural dyeing.

Natural dyeing has the ability to change the way we look at the world by opening our eyes to a world of living color hidden in plain sight. 

It is a lens through which we can connect to our physical surroundings, uncover nature's secrets, and learn about ourselves as we slow down.


Our abundant planet provides us everything we need as long as we steward our resources responsibly. Using natural dyes is a physical embodiment of how much we have to lose (much of which we don't even understand) through environmental degradation.


To this end, I work with locally foraged dye materials and maintain a dye garden.  I also offer workshops, consultations, services, and maintain an in-house brand. 

Welcome to the world of Tinctorium Studio! Join me in exploring a universe of plant colors. 

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Wear Tinctoria 

Wear Tinctoria is the in-house brand - creating one-of-a-kind, naturally dyed, wearable art. I believe naturally dyed products to be important for three reasons:

1. The skin is your body's largest organ. What you expose your skin to all day, everyday matters. Each #WearTinctoria piece is made from natural materials and carefully hand-dyed using mineral salts and plant-based pigments. Instead of exposing your skin to toxic chemicals, you can wear medicinal plant colors. 

2. The fashion industry is the second biggest polluter of freshwater sources. From growing the cotton required for textiles and applying synthetic dyes to the consumerist culture of fast fashion, what we choose to wear has a huge environmental impact. 

Sourcing second-hand garments, factory deadstock, and scrap fabrics helps divert textile waste. Items previously destined for disposal become one-of-a-kind pieces of wearable art that you'll treasure forever.


3. Plant colors are healing and regenerate our connection to the plants that surround us. I like to think of plant colors as physical representations of the sun - plants use the sun for photosynthesis and their colors are an embodiment of this exchange.  

When we wear naturally dyed garments we are wearing the plants' energy, holding on to their secrets, and developing a personal relationship. By wearing naturally dyed, we become more aware of the plants that surround us and look at the world with new eyes - finding beauty and utility even in the weeds. 

Naturally dyed garments in Alfama, Lisbon. Roupas tingidas naturalmente em Lisboa.
Ecoprinted clothing in Lisbon. Impressão bôtanica em Lisboa.

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